Art is original expression.  I spent much of my life looking for ways to express myself but struggling to find the right medium; one that felt as an extension of my own self to carry my voice. When experimenting with photography, I found beautiful results that were acceptable as expression, but they felt more like the work of the camera than my own, quite literally tricks of the light.

I don’t remember how I found papier-mâché as a material, but I remember how instantly it felt as a fit, perfectly responsive to my fingers.  Papier-mâché is tremendously malleable and capable of translating my original and evolving ideas into a form.  At the same time, I am always surprised seeing the end result emerge seemingly on its own, layer upon layer, representing the partnership between my mind, my hands and the materials I use, all three equally contributing to the final creation.

I enjoy the layered nature of papier-mâché, where all shapes are created from nothing that looks like the final form. The need for each layer to dry before a new one is applied is an invitation to be patient, to slow down and enjoy life as it comes.  More than anything, I enjoy the organic nature of the results that produce truly unique pieces with the imperfections that mimic nature.  This is the reason why I almost exclusively create live forms.  This organic nature pushes me to add detail and a high degree of finish even to areas that will be out of sight.  It also invites me to reuse materials to approximate zero waste in my productions.

Last, papier-mâché requires the layering of multiple coats that are quite literally caressed into place. Each piece is gently applied to reveal the final shape. Hands are used on every coat with barely the assistance of tools. The result is highly personal and intimate. When a piece is completed, I feel I have developed a relationship with it, nurturing it into existence. As I work to develop my own skill, I continue to explore the responsiveness of the medium and its ability to transform thoughts into shapes serving as a form of expression. My own personal and original expression. 



A native of Madrid, Spain, Diego followed his heart all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to marry his bride. In that beautiful but frozen land, Diego spent 25 years working as a software engineer and business analyst at a medical technology multinational before deciding to return to Madrid to become a full-time Paper Master. He now lives in Getafe, Spain with his wife, Sharon, and two dogs, Tula “the Tank” and sweet, sweet Luna.

Diego’s work received a first prize (blue ribbon) in the Creative Arts Papier-mâché category and a first prize (purple ribbon) in the Decorative Crafts category, both at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair. A year later, he again received a first prize (blue ribbon) in the Creative Arts Papier-mâché category at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair.

In 2023 Diego created Cardcheesi, a card extension set to add challenge and fun to the popular game Parcheesi.

Always the restless and inquisitive mind, in 2023 Diego authored an existential manifesto to try to make sense of a number of things he was reading about. The Beehive Complex: Dare to Dance in the Dark and Rejoice in the Most Astonishing of Illusions is available in English only for now in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats on Amazon.

Embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery with a thought-provoking manifesto. This concise script explores the mysteries that are the makeup of humankind and provides explanations for the origins of life, the mind, consciousness, and the experience of free will. Drawing from insights of philosophy, science, and spirituality that are centuries old and yet very current, the author deconstructs the idea of the self to provide a fresh prism witch which to rediscover the world.

Written not with an intent to persuade but rather as an invitation for the reader to question ‘truths’ taken for granted and shaped by education, culture and millennia of evolution-calibrated perception, this manifesto will make the reader delve into the fundamental nature of his or her own existence. The author also initiates an exploration of th implications of tis perspective on very current topics of discussion, and offers a positive and practical mechanism to cope with this reality in a way that will make the reader wonder in amazement through routine experiences and interactions. 

For those that have ever wondered about the nature of existence, this text offers a compelling and insightful read. Start the journey of self-discovery, and join the conversation of The Beehive Complex.